2014-10 The Perfect Steak2

This Is the Best Steak You Will Ever Make

The Boyfriend and I have gone bulletproof this month. We start our mornings with Bulletproof Coffee (I do decaf to keep adrenal fatigue at bay), and we’ve simplified our...

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2014-09 Maca Smoothie2HEADERSM

The Smoothie Recipe That Healed My Adrenal Fatigue

I was packing my kids up for a trip to the park last month when I realized…something was wrong. Work was finished for the day. The house was clean....

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2014-09 Cookie Dough Bars2HEADER

Make-Your-Own Cookie Dough Larabars

  This August, I made a revolutionary decision: to stop making breakfast and lunch for my kids. Attempting to balance the ever-growing list of Impossibles–cook, clean, work, volunteer, exercise,...

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2014-09 Salad Smoothie2HEADER

Savory Smoothie Bowl

I’m still having a love affair over Smoothie Bowls. They’re such a simple way to spoon an entire meal. Soup like, you know, but none of the cooking time. Traditionally...

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Pantry Basics1HEADER

The Only 10 Ingredients You Need in Your Kitchen + WIN a Pantry Makeover!

Ever opened your cupboards and felt overwhelmed? Me too. There are bottles of half-used sauces, plastic boxes in all shapes and sizes. Stuff I’ll never need again. Forget that...

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2014-09 Chicken - Sticky Sesame Chicken3HEADER

Open, Sesame! Grilled Honey Sesame Chicken

Labor day may have passed. Perhaps there is no more wearing of white pants in your life. Maybe the sycamores are turning a fire-speckled red in the hills behind your...

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2014-08 Critters1h

Back-To-School Breakfast Routine

  Sitting here in stunned silence. I knew it was nearly mid-September, but how is it Back to School time…already?! As always, the days have whizzed by, but I’m...

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Dear Body 2SM

Don’t Miss These Incredible New Perks!

Happy Monday, darling you. I’m excited to launch a number of new things in the coming weeks, and wanted to send along a heads up about several superrad ones. As Cheeky Kitchen...

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2014-09 Peppers Easiest Appetizer Ever5LG

The Easiest Paleo Appetizer Ever

  We’re here for healthy minimalism. The sort of simplicity that feeds body and soul. Fed up by the Pinterest obsessive life, tired of too many undones, unable and...

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