Hunt for Treasure!

There’s something deliciously fun about the kitchen. It’s the place we gather, the place we eat, the place we sit and sip and enjoy the end of the day....

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Mocha Almond Brownies (Gluten-Free!)

When I look at the light in these pictures, that bright white glow to the right of the photos, I see my little Alyssa, picking up the bounce board...

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DIY Hanging Kitchen Knife Rack & a Giveaway

For someone who spends as much time in the kitchen as I do…you’d think I’d make proper kitchen tools a priority. Confession: I have a hard time spending amploads...

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Caramelized Brussell Sprout Salad & A Few Burning Answers

My phone rang last week. It was my darling Amy friend. The one I had babies alongside. The one I helped pack a hundred years ago for her move...

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Simple Mint-Pesto Slathered Salmon

Back from Spring Break (are you, too? Yay, us! Summer vacation looms next on the calendar!) and I was about to finalize and post the big ol’ “Answers to...

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Easter Traditional: Hot Cross Buns, Chili Glazed Roast & Beet-Dyed Devilled Eggs

One of the companies I have the sincere pleasure of creating recipes for is the kitcheware company, Good Cook. Every month, we pull together a theme and create three...

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Creamy Ancini Chicken & Grapes

Heya Gorgeous. You know those meals that are so pretty that you can’t help but talk to them? Yep. This be one. You can One-Dish Delish it, if you...

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Spring Chic: Easy Crudite Cups

Wanna see a sneak peak of this month’s Chic Magazine? Whaaaaaat….you don’t yet get Chic magazine?!!! Tell me, please tell me you’ve at least signed up for Chic Critique...

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Salami SaladSM

Easiest Dinner Ever: Argula Salad with Salami Cigars

Oh, I know. There are exactly two people out there that are dying to hear my answers to all your (great! brilliant!) questions. One of those people birthed, me....

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